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Sermat Printing has been established since 1995 to operate in various fields of the advertising and printing industry. Our company, whose specialty was silk screen printing at first, has turned its area of ​​expertise into the field of printing and producing color charts only for paint companies for the last 8 years and has become quite specialized in this field. It has gained a respectable place in this sector with its wide product range, solution generating approach, reasonable price and quality service.

Color chart is one of the indispensable products for paint manufacturers. In order to market their products and present their colors to their customers, companies that manufacture paint must definitely have a color chart or they should be based on the existing color charts. Each company should make a paint color chart to make their own advertisements and show their colors. It is generally divided into parts such as interior color chart, exterior color chart, silicon paint color chart, synthetic, hammerton, mosaic plaster color chart. According to the number of colors, normal folding or fan-shaped color charts can be made. If the colors we will make paint color chart are too much, we should prefer the fan color chart. In the production of color charts, dyes with high pigment ratio are transferred on paper by the screen printing method.
Paint color chart is basically made in three ways. In the first method, color chips are created by transferring the dyes we receive from you onto paper with the screen printing method. In the second method, the original paints are printed on paper with the screen printing method and cut into color chips with a special knife. The cut color chips are glued to the color chart at once with our 70x100cm automatic gluing machine. Hammerton paints, on the other hand, are cut with this method after they are applied on the paper and adhered to their places on the color chart without touching them with the help of an automatic machine. The third method is a fan-shaped color chart. Depending on the number of colors, one page can have two, three or four colors.